Sunday, December 1, 2013

Revealed by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast

Genre: paranormal(vampires), young-adult, romance, fantasy

Published: October 15th 2013

Pages: 306

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


                        Synopsis(from flap)

Drastically altered after her fall. Neferet is clinging to life with one goal in mind: to regain her strength and consciousness. But before she goes into hiding to relive her past-and hopefully find the key to surviving in the present-she will make one deadly strike. This time against a human. And the aftershocks will leave no one untouched.
  In the wake of a gruesome murder, Tulsa humans are panicked, blaming the House of Night for what was clearly a vamprye attack. But Zoey and the rest of the school know that none of them was involved. So who killed the mayor of Tulsa? As the police open an investigation, tensions on the other fronts are growing even higher-Dallas is on a rampage against Zoey and her friends. When he finally makes a move against Stevie Rae and Shaunee, the battle lines are drawn-and someone will have to take the fall.
  Meanwhile, somethings going on with Zoey...and not the fun kind of something. She's feeling strange and stressed all the time-well, more stressed then usual. Which shouldn't be a surprise, considering that a powerful immortal is on the loose and she's having some boyfriend issues. Again. But is something bigger at work? Z might not have long to find out. Light and Darkness are out of balance, awakening Old Magick....and Old Magick always demands a sacrifice.
   In the thrilling eleventh House of Night novel, more then just the House of Night is at stake in a dangerous battle for Zoey's life-and soul. Can the Nerd Herd help her stay free long enough to fight back?



I have been waiting a full year to get this book into my hands, so I can read it. But I had a very complicated experience to get this book, so it was definitely worth reading. So, after I got the book after the experience(which I rather not share), I decided to wait a few weeks to read it since I was already reading another book at the time. But I just couldn't wait anymore(after a few days), so I started reading.
 I was expecting this book to be dramatic and heavy, which it was. I was also expecting it to just sort of have a conclusion  on what they are going to do. What I mean by that is: for Zoey and her friends to  have an actual solution on how to kill Neferet.  But they came up with nothing instead, which made me feel disappointed.

Now, I have been reading the entire series since 2009, and I always have had mixed feelings on the series. But reading this just escalated these mixed feelings even more. Like I don't even know what to think about it anymore. Some books are good, and some are bad. With the reviews, some have been good and some were bad. But I will be giving a mixed review.  

Revealed was not the best book in the series, but I still had a great time reading it. I loved the characters(expect Zoey), and the overall plot is pretty good. But what I didn't like in the book was that the plot in this book was just sort of the same plot from the previous book; Hidden, but it was just mixed around to make it more dramatic, and to make the plot (for lack of a better word) worse(or better, whichever way you want to put it).

Zoey, Zoey Zoey, what should I say about you first? Oh! I got it! Zoey is one of the worst main characters I have read in a book. I don't know what the thing is about her, it's just that I don't like her. But, there are also lots of little things about her that make me not like her ethier. And trust me there are too many little things to say, so I won't be explaining any of them right now (I'm being serious). Another thing I want to say, is that Zoey just irritates me so much, and just her attitude was getting me angry. What she was going through with the stress, is way to much for a 17 year old to go through. It's not healthy. And the whole point of reading a book is to escape reality, but reading about her stress just brings my current reality into reading, and it makes it less enjoyable. 

Overall, I won't go into too much details, but it wasn't the best book ever  but it was still entertaining. I seriously cannot wait for the final book, I just hope they end the book on a really good note. And actually end the series well.




October-November 2013 Book Wrap Up (2)

Hello everyone it's Nicole Henderson here, and this blog post is going to be my book wrap up for October and November. I'm really sorry I have been so busy with school, and everything else in between, that I have not had a chance to read a lot. And as a result, I haven't had the time to blog. I only read 4 books in the last 2 months, and I normally don't read that amount.(I am so ashamed of myself) I promise I'll be reading more in the next two months mainly because of the Christmas break. So, without further ado let's get on with the wrap up.

The first book I read in the month October, was Blue Bloods by Melissa De la Cruz. It is the first book of the Blue Bloods series. Since October was the month of Halloween, I was in the mood for something more paranormal and creepy. And I also wanted to move onto a new vampire series since the House of Night series is almost done. Anyways, I loved this book, and enjoyed every minute of it, and I rated it a 5/5 stars. If you want more details, on why I loved it, I did a review on this blog. The second book I read in October, until the beginning of November was I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. Since I finished Blue Bloods, I wasn't fully satisfied on my mood, so I picked up this book. And after I read it I was definitely satisfied. I loved this book as well, it was full of suspense, and mystery. Like, I have no more words to describe on how amazing it was. But it was a very different genre for me to read, as I normally don't read these types of books. I rated this a 5/5 stars. It was so good. I did a book review on this blog too.  
The third book I read throughout November was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I was now in the mood for something more romantic. So I chose this one, just because it was right there in my school library. It was sort of an impulse actually. I have seen the movie many times before, so just reading the book made me not like it very much. Yes, yes I wasn't a huge a fan of it. Things were very different from book to movie, and it was so confusing for me to understand. However, in my opinion the movie was way better. I rated this a 3/5 stars, if you want to know more details about why didn't like it so much,  I have a review on this blog.   The last book I read in November was Revealed by P.C and Kristin Cast. It is the 11th book to the House of Night series. I have wanted this book since last year, and it was a very complicated experience to actually get this book. But I read it just now, so I still need to collect my thoughts on it. But I will say to you now, that it wasn't as good as their other books have been. That's it, that is all I will say about the book. I will write a book review on this blog, for the full details on my thoughts on this book. 
So that's it for this book wrap up. And again. I'm super sorry I haven't been blogging, I have literally been so busy with life, and school, so I haven't had the time to read. I promise that during the holidays I will read A LOT more books(and they are going to be long ones).  
Until the next post, goodbye everyone.