Monday, June 30, 2014

Currently Reading(s) + Update!


Hello everyone it is Nicole Henderson here, and before I start anything with the books that I am reading right now, I just wanted to give you guys an update on why I have been away from this blog for so long. The first thing is obviously: school.  School just caught up with me and I had so much homework and second semester was starting as well and that became so busy. Yes, I had time to read but I didn't have time to actually sit down and write a review. The second reason why I was so busy was because I had many personal things involving my family, and the current issues that we are dealing with are very hard on all of us. I rather not share for again, personal reasons. So that is it for the updates, and let's get on with what I am currently reading.

Currently Reading.

The first book I am reading right now, is called My Journey with Josie by Salvina Grice. I am halfway done the book, and I must say it is pretty good. This memoir is about this authors sister who died of cancer, and it just talks about her journey of coping with all of this. It also talks about her own family background of being an Italian girl who was sheltered,and that her mother died of cancer, so the whole family struggles with that. It is a very heart wrenching read so far. It is very sad, however I have not cried yet. Now, this book is very personal to me for many reasons. I will do a book review on this when I am done, so I will explain them on there, as well as going into more detail of what the book is about. So far, I'm liking it.

The next book that I'm currently reading at the moment is Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill. I am not to far into the book to make a verdict on whether I actually do like it or not. But I will say that it seems like it is a very lighthearted book, with full of wittiness and funny dialogue.
It is about this girl named Julia and she goes on this school trip to London, England with her classmates for spring break. Now Julia is a good girl. She doesn't break the rules, and she is always prepared for anything. But that is about to be broken, when she is partnered up with her 'personal-nemesis' Jason. She goes to one party, and she ends up getting a mysterious number from someone. So Jason promises Julia that he will help her find out who this other guy is. So, to me it seems like a typical romance with humor, and a sense of adventure. So, I will see how this novel turns out.

So that is all for what I am currently reading at this moment, as well as my update. My next post will be a book review for sure. So that is it and until then, goodbye everyone.